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... designers can try to solve it...

"beauty is a riddle"
Fëdor Michajlovic Dostoevskij

I think that the only way to do a good job

is love what you do...

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the Complexity of Semplicity.

A paradigmatic example of my own sense of design; my thoughts on architecture and design is based on few signs and all of them directed to the substance. Concreteness but also simplicity, same simplicity who reaches heart it serves streamline, remove more than add, where decor is not an end in itself but it is part of the project, because decor would be only a frivolous exercise chart, which it does not appear necessary when the substance is already inherent in the project.

Primary thought.


I am still an architect who thinks about the whole design: from car to spoon as they say; but the most important one and focus are to put my attention on an aspect mainly.

So I decide to privilege interior design as my main interest, a world I feel, I belong most to, thanks also to the skills gained through experiences, and a passion that always comes to my aid.

A mix of design and a mix of technical concepts, a base that goes hand in hand with a careful selection of materials, along with a good functionality and a sensory look that I feel very important: but then thought and ideas are still the real solution.
Only reasoning leads to a resolution of some occurring problems but may become apparent with the ordinary use or with the right imagination and experience on it.

The architect is the professional who knows which are the problems of a building artifact, space or product could be, and try to solve difficulties before they are obvious.

This is my job as a designer to identify the relationships between thought and everyday, persistent or sporadic use of a space or object.

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