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It is important that a new project can meet a balance between the general idea and the details with the aim to decisively improve the functionality of the spaces; This occurs along the organic path of the project construction process, to achieve a quality of life that will make use and enjoy those spaces with objects and lines that are chosen one by one and characterizing.

I believe in job sharing and cooperation with other professionals. I am interested in curiosity that develops on a multidisciplinary approach. I think it is a fundamental element that enhances individual capabilities and I think this way of thinking guarantees a real added value to solve problems along the path of the project.

New materials and new roads and their use, tactility, the expressiveness of matter, are the main things on which I would like to work. Revisit in a contemporary way the processes using a traditional approach, with the recovery of resources linked to the art of making the various territories and regions. I think these are the elements to improve the significance of making a good building and a way not to lose the historical and cultural values ​​of the different professions; This is a key point on the concept of how to conceive of the work today.

The environment and the interior design is always turned to a design that will appeal to the functionality, the creation of a space, is a primary factor and not merely the fleeting exposure of objects that would be empty and self-referential: the design must be precise . We must integrate the furniture in the correct way and designing spaces that will enclose the man, this is the basis of my thinking that I intend to carry on with professional consistency.

Something about anD?


Design is the goal of my profession. The word "generic", includes architecture in its broadest sense, design as well as furniture and design objects, with particular attention to environmental sustainability and use of natural materials.

A further focus is placed in the graphics with a focus on brand identity, corporate identity and logo design, for companies that do not have one.

I think in a creative process applied to the procedure in the process of the project, with the same attention to each of the stages. This process is developed through continuous exchange and dialogue with customers who are seen as active collaborators of a good design process.

I believe that beauty is the only thing sold in the near future, as well as one of the few values ​​to pass on to future generations and I believe that beauty is also revealed through some good details.

The best contribution an architect can envisages, in particular within s' interior design, is exactly what to think or rethink the space, to be built in a way which is durable, sustainable environmental and ethical. This is one of a crucial point in my view and interpret interior design.

In the interior design process I make use of accurate design and some brands of furniture recognizable and it is very important to me to pay attention to a functional design to achieve the best end result.

Activity designer every job has to bring the opportunity to explore new ideas and solutions to potential problems, following a path of cultural growth, technical, professional and personal.

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