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> 2016-2017 Freelance open to collaboration

   create anD Global Engineering construction company


> 2015 Collaboration with A2D2 in Seoul.


> 2014 Collaboration with M.O.M Architects on projects in Seocho-Gu, Seoul.


> 2013 Collaboration as a freelance architect with the architectural firm DMG Co. Ltd. in Busan, Motoelastico and GaGun Stone Co. in Seoul. Korea to specific projects.


> 2011/2012 Collaboration as a freelance architect and interior designer with as Namutm Office of Architecture and Hmono Co. Ltd in Seoul. Korea


> 2008/2011 Architect Freelancer as Interior Designer - temporary collaborations with other professionals to participate in design competitions and shops interior design and furniture.


> 2004/2008 independent professional activities: collaboration with other professional structures and general contractors for Modelling, maintenance/renovation, interior design, contract/office and new buildings.



Luca Villa


n. 6102



In addition to these experiences, collaborations with several part-time office interiors, increasing the attention to contract and expanding professional and personal skills with collaborations in different fields.


> 2000/2004 collaboration regular full-time at the office SDIA, with arch. Paolo Pettene in design and construction supervision for Sports Centres and Schools (swimming pools, gyms, sports arenas, soccer fields, skating rinks and other sports facilities and schools) to produce in 2003 during this experience I got professional qualification to became architect.


> 1999/2000 Collaboration with many temporary professionals, operating to different scales for projects and more specifically on interiors design, furnishing and design too sometimes.


> 1995/1999 Co-founder of the DNA Office with headquarters in Turin, in via Andorno at "LOFTUNO." Planning multidisciplinary design projects, exhibition design and visual communication, and a temporary collaboration with Studio Deferrari on "Turin design: from car to the spoon."


> 1993/1994 Collaboration with Studio BCR Associates (Prof. D. Bagliani, Corsico, E. Roncarolo).




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